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Salisbury (Old & New Sarum) Part I - OPC Vacancy

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Salisbury - War Memorial|Salisbury - St. Francis Salisbury - War Memorial|Salisbury - St. Francis |

Salisbury city is made up of three main parishes, these are the Cathedral and Close, St. Martin and St. Thomas & St. Edmund.  Each have their own dedicated page which can be accessed from the parish menu on the front page of this website.

Salisbury Photo Gallery           Old Sarum Photo Gallery


Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - The Wiltshire County Archives for all historical documents and the place to obtain original copies
Wiltshire Community History - Historical information for parishes within the Wiltshire County jurisdiction.


Church Matters

For individual Churches of the parish please refer to their own pages.

Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers Meeting 1915


Parish History 

Thomas Hardy based his fictional Wessex town of Melchester on and around the sights, smells and life of the City of Salisbury.  It is the only Cathedral City within the county, but is not the county town.  It lies on two main railway links - The West of England Main Line which runs from London (Waterloo) to Exeter, St. David's and is currently operated by South West Trains and the Portsmouth Harbour to Cardiff Central line currently operated by First Great Western Trains on the Wessex Main Line.

Books and Reviews

A History of  Salisbury Haunted Salisbury Old Sarum
Memoirs Illustrative of the History & Antiquities of Wiltshire & City of Salisbury (1851) Popular History of Old & New Sarum 1897 Commonwealth Charter of the City of Salisbury, 1656 (1907)

Civil Registration

1837 - 1896 Alderbury Registration District
1896 - Present Salisbury Registration District

City Council

City Council Business  June 1890 


Music Festival at Assembly Rooms 1762                  First Annual Cucumber Festival 1830                 Exhibition of Youthful Industry 1858

General Items

National Gazetteer Entry 1868                   Facts and Figures About Wiltshire 1874                     Salisbury is Open 2018

Illness and Epidemics      

Cholera Epidemic 1849                  Influenza Outbreak in Spring 1949       


Buildings and Land                  


County Agriculture Report 1847                 Cattle Plague Regulations 1867               Foot & Mouth Disease 1924-1925 


Inquisition Regarding The Bridge at Sarum 1267

Buildings of Note


History of the Council House (Guildhall)

John Halle Hall

Halle of John Halle & The Gaumont Cinema 1931 

Market House

New Market House Subscriptions 1857

Buildings Taxes

Appointment of Select Commissioners for Land and Assessed Taxes 1842 



Sarum Canal Navigation Meeting 1789  


Devizes Road

Cemetery Map

London Road

Cemetery Map

Civic Plaques

Civic Plaques Gallery


West Woodyates Farm to be Let 1890


Salisbury Infirmary

Infirmary Gallery

Fonthill Rector Donation to Salisbury Infirmary 1815


Inquisition of Lands Held 1433           Owners of Land 1873


Maps Gallery

Mortgage Indentures

John Folliott & Sons, Old George Steam Brewery with PH's. 1900


Proposed Transfer of Museum 1949

Property Sales or to Let

Propert to Rent or Sale 1700-1799          Auction Sale of Property 1780          Webb's Court Property to Let 1780

Public Houses

Public Houses Gallery

Alehouse Keepers and Cookes XVII Century Publicans 1635-1685 Alehouses XVIII Century
Inns of the XVIII Century Parade Coffee House & Tavern for Sale 1805 Beerex Festival 1976
Half Moon Inn

Half Moon Tavern Advertisement 1767

Lamb Inn, Catherine Street

New Licensee 1807

Kings Head Inn

Indenture, Lease from Evans & Biggs to White 1735

Maidenhead Inn

Mary Hibberd, Publican 1827

Queens Arms Inn

Queens Arms Inn Sale 1858

Red Lion

Established in the 14th century, this is one of the finest examples of an old coaching inn in the country, and the ancient courtyard, with its magnificent hanging creeper and picturesque half timbering, is much as it was when the London - West Country stage would rumble through the great archway.  One of the bars until the early 1960's was for gentlemen only, a pleasing relic of the olden days, and in the dining room may be seen part of the original 14th century wall.

Three Swans

Situated in the Market Place

Advertisement for The Three Swans 1767

Vine Inn

This was situated at 43 Bedwin Street

Landlords           New Landlord 1780          New Landlord 1789

White Hart Inn

Advertisement 1762


Railway Station Gallery             

Great Western Railway Timetable Changes 1874                 Southern Railways Excursion Advert to Weymouth c1963

Turnpike Trusts

Notice of Sarum-Ealing Toll Avoidence 1789




Great Flood 1841          Salisbury Floods 1915


Crime and Legal Matters

Animal Crime

Dog Bit Porter - Hunt v Hitchcock 1841


Eccentric Charged with Hayrick Arson 1872


Assault & Robbery 1827           Alleged Assault by Mother and Son 1857           Stabbing of Husband 1866           Man Attack 1877


Bastardy Examinations

Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment in Wiltshire 1800-1827           Burglary at Silversmiths Shop 1810

Court Cases

Marlborough Quarter Sessions 1685 Legacy Dispute - Regina v Hull 1841 Salisbury Assizes March 1841
Claimant & Defendant in One Day 1855 Committed to the County Gaol 26.5.1874 Salisbury Petty Sessions July 1878
Complaint as Right of Way Obstructed in Chicklade 1936  

Criminal Damage

Boy Cautioned for Throwing Stones Near Station 1857          Boys Damage Well 1903

Employment Cases

Claim for Wages 1886


Counterfeit Coins and Bank Notes Used 1838          Fake Notes in Circulation 2014


Man Obtained Money by False Pretences 1857

General Items

Crime Reports 1700-1799                  Crime Reports 1800-1849                  Crime Reports 1850-1899

Highway Robbery

Highwaymen Captured 1681        Robbery on the London Road 1839


Child Murder 1866                   Henry Bungay, Murder Charge 1880


Unlawful Shooting of Hare 1870

Prisons and Prisoners

Bedford Gaol Prisoner John Baldwin 1802                  Inmates of Gloucester Gaol 1815-1879              Convicts sent to Prison Hulks 1823-1842                  Criminal Life of Robert Sperring 1828-1830

Proceedings in Chancery Elizabeth I Era (1558-1603)

Thomas Grafton v William Grafton            Grafton, Ingram v Stock, Pytt and others 

Quarter Sessions


Herbert Barry 1912          Marcus Phillip Westhorpe Bartthropp 1911

Swing Riots

Swing Riots, Wilts. Special Commission 1831


Gun Stolen From Mr. Rhodes' Shop 1812 Spate of Attempted Break Ins 1812 Sentenced for Theft 1845
Fowl Theft at Market 1853 Thefts of Clothing 1858 Mother and Daughter Committed for Trial 1866
Serious Case of Felony 1868 Boys Charged with Stealing Wood 1872 Suspicion of Theft by James Harrison, Alias Lloyd 1874


Transportation of Prisoners 1827



Pigot & Co. 1822                   Pigot & Co. 1830                 Kellys 1875 Commercial



Education Gallery

Schools for the Infant Poor Divine Service 1815 Training College Success 1861 Training College Success 1872
Portrait of Miss G. M. Jerred 1950 From Police Station to University College 2014  

De Vaux College

Clerics & Scholars 1269-1541           John Nicholas, Master 1661-1711

National Schools

Anniversary Meeting of Salisbury National Schools 1838          Anniversary Meeting of Salisbury National Schools Report 1838

St. Probus Private School, Manor Road

St. Probus School               School Photograph 1953 


Emigration and Migration

Strays Index                 Emigration Home News Sought 1800 - Present

Emigration to America

William Blackmore 1774 Thomas Dunkham 1774 John Mansfield 1775 Robert Martin 1774 John Randall (1) 1774 John Randall (2)
William Smith 1774 George Woodford 1775   John Barlow 1775 John Thomas 1775  John Young 1775 Richard Mayer 1775


Emigration to Australia

Charles Rake 1820-1907

Naturalisation Records

Ernest Charles Augustus Glassmann 1892           Ernst Glassmann 1892


Employment and Business  

Business & Employment Gallery

Agriculture and Land

Agricultural Labouring

Aspects of the Life of the Wiltshire Agricultural Labourer c1850


Messrs. Read & Co. Advertisement 1858


Game License Issues 1800-1899          Gamekeepers Certificates 1807           


Apprentice records published here may not necessarily mean that the apprentice was from the parish but was apprenticed to a master within the parish

John Acton 1759 Richard Adams 1725 John Allford 1716 John Allen 1751 George Amor 1713
Elizabeth Andrews 1754 James Atchson 1759 Edward Atkinson 1723 Joseph Attwaters 1755 John Badcock 1729
Edward James Baker 1755 Richard Baldwin 1742 Robert Baldwin 1758 William Baldwin 1724 Robert Ballard 1719
Ambrose Bampton 1716 Robert Barber 1729 Thomas Barfoot 1713 William Barford 1742 William Barnes 1751
John Barry 1721 Ambrose Barter 1718
John Batchelor 1711 Joseph Batchelor 1740 James Bath 1715
William Batt 1754 Joseph Batten 1717 Barnabas Bayly 1729 James Bawdon 1759 Thomas Baxter 1716
Richard Bayly 1729 James Beatham 1725 James Bedford 1754 John Bedford 1754 John Befford 1755
Robert Benet 1719 William Benjefeild 1723 Charles Bennett 1722 Mather Bennett 1742 Thomas Beresford 1719 
John Bernard 1722 John Bernard 1729 Henry Berry 1721 Carolina Best 1752
Jobe Biddlecombe 1711
John Biddlecombe 1728 William Biddlecombe 1728 William Biggs 1716 Daniel Bishop 1721 Edward Bishop 1717
John Bishop 1711 Joseph Blackhead 1719 Henry Blackmore 1741 Charles Blake 1720 Sackler Blake 1723
William Blanchard 1756 Robert Bleeke 1715 James Bloxham 1729 John Burrow 1721  Charles Bush 1756
Sarah Bonner 1757  Joseph Boorne 1728   William Bourn 1758  Francis Clark 1720  Samuel Compton 1716
John Cook 1728 George Cooke 1713 William Cooke 1742 Joyce Coombs 1720   
Ann Cooper 1725  Edward Cooper 1717
George Cooper 1729
Thomas Cooper 1755  James Corfe 1729 
John Francis 1742 
Wiltshire Society Apprentices

John Chamberlayne 1821          Frederick Clark 1839          William Compton 1884           Thomas Fulford 1820          Frederick Arthur Albert Hibberd 1877          Gertrude May Holloway 1897         John Tibbs 1826             


Edward Adams 1939 Arthur Leonard Bagshawe 1938 Roy Christopher Barnard 1939 Gerald Theodore Lydford 1939 (Handley)  Bernard James Macklin 1936
Francis William Marshall 1934 Kenneth Ernest Northcote Mould 1939      


Banks 1800-1899

Brewing, Victualling, Wines & Spirits Merchants

Brandy Dealers XVIII Century                    Sandemans & Castle & Co


Employment of the Poor in Road Building 1817             


Annual Graziers & Butchers Feast 1780           Butchers' Christmas Show 1870

Carriers and Transport

Coach Travel to London Advertisement 1827

Cloth Merchants, Mills and Tailoring

Tailors Fraternity Meeting and List of Masters 1451                   Tailors Guild Appointment of Viewers 1561-1562                  Wrongly Accused 1786                   Edward Vandenhoff, Silk Merchant 1830

Community Services


City Police Gallery

City Police Recruitment Notice 1858           Salisbury City Police 1905                    


Edwin Mullins Andrews 1878-1969          Ernest Frank Richardson, Chief Constable 1872-1952         James Tompkins 1858-1926                         

Cordwainers and Footwear Manufacturers

Mary Simmonds, Clog Maker 1827


Salisbury, Semley & Gillingham Dairies 1890

Domestic Services

Lady Servant Wanted 1763


Mechanical Engineers - Charles Varley Armitage 1912

Food and Entertainment

Snack Bars Increase 1951

General Items

Trade & Guilds Wardens September 1440  Employment and Business News 1700-1799 East India Company Recruitment Advertisement 1789 
Employment & Business News 1800-1899 Hair Powder Tax Stamp Distributors 1801  Situations Vacant and Wanted 1850-1899
Suspension of Trade for Coronation Celebrations 1858 Ancient Trades & Companies of Salisbury published 1912

Jewellers, Clock and Watchmakers

C. W. Beale, Clock & Watchmaker 1836

Markets, Farm Animals & Livestock Sales & Fairs

Markets 1800-1849 Sale of Cart Horses 1847 Pitched Market Proposal 1847
Markets 1850-1899 Horse Sale at The Repository 1858 Sheep and Cattle Fair 1858
Winners at Salisbury Sheep Fair 1878  Advertisements for the Sale of Animals 1800 - Present  

Medical Matters

Licensed Practitioners
William Gilbart 1634 John Ballard 1664 Henry Denny 1674 
William Denny 1678  Roger Farr 1692  Dr. Spence, Visiting Physician, 1827
General Medical Council Registrations 1859-1959    
Medical Advertisements & Services

Advertisement & Small Pox Denial of James Newman 1775                Moved to New Premises 1786               Advert for Medical Instrument Maker 1815               

Medical Appointments

Infirmary Surgeon, C. N. Smart 1828


Charlotte Matilda Case 1890                Louisa Case 1890 


Hubert Arnold - Violinist 

Post Office Services

British Postal Service Appointments 1737-1969                   Dismissal of Margaret Harding 1956

Railway Employment

Testimonial Presentation to George Wager 1861

Retail and Grocery Suppliers

Mercer Ceases to Trade 1762               Elizabeth Scammells Shop 1788                  Sale of Bacon at the Chough 1812            Salisbury is Open 2018

Situations Vacant


Smiths, Foundries & Metal Work

Bell Founders Associated with Salisbury 1465-1724                 Company of Smiths - Richard Snowe 1628               Company of Smiths - Thomas Roude 1628                     Company of Smiths 1636 


John Hibberd, Chimney Sweep 1804                   John Hibberd, Chimney Sweep 1827


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