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Durrington - OPC Vacancy

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Durrington - All Saints Durrington - All Saints

Durrington Photo Gallery

Contiguous Parishes (our neighbours)

Amesbury - Bulford - Figheldean - Milston - Rollstone - Winterbourne Stoke


Websites of Interest

GenUKI - For information relating to Wiltshire and Durrington
Durrington Town Council - Contains local information, history & old photos of Durrington
All Saints Church - Information about the church
Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - The Wiltshire County Archives for all historical documents and the place to obtain original copies
Wiltshire Community History - Historical information for parishes within the Wiltshire County jurisdiction.
Old Maps - Historical Map archive showing Durrington 


The Parish Church of All Saints

All Saints Church Photo Gallery                All Saints Churchyard Gallery               All Saints Churchyard Survey

The rectory was destroyed by fire on 19th October 1922

    Church Appointments 1838-1879
Church Collections 1841-1866 Collection for Intended Parochial School 1842 Church Renovations 1849-1851
Church Consecration 1851 Consecration of New Land for Churchyard 1851 Memorial Gifts for the Late Rev. Webb 1867

Church Memorials

John Poore 1633 Alice Moore 1750 Thomas Moore 1783
Jonathan Moore Esq. 1818 George Moore 1820 Elizabeth Moore 1825
Thomas Knackstone William Edward Moore Esq, 1841 Elizabeth Moore 1852 Sarah A. H. Fowle 1901
Charles Snelling Ruddle, Eliza Georgina & Auriol Giffard 1910 Major Robert Poore 1918 Cecil Reginald Ranger 1918

Church of England Related Articles

Protestation Return 1641/42          Address to Rev. Lord S. G. Osborne 1866                  Defence of the Church 1872   

Church Services

In 1907 an open air church service was held at Durrington on Hospital Day.  The Durrington brass band played the music and about 100 local people gathered to take part.


Incumbents List

The Rector of Durrington 1863-1910 was Reverend Charles Snelling Ruddle, his most memorable feature being his curly white beard which was in the region of 12” long.   

Parish Register Transcripts



Parish Registers held at WSHC

Baptisms 1591-1965
Marriages 1591-2005
Burials 1591-1959


Parish History


Durrington is a village located on the east of the Salisbury Plain & is about 10 miles (16 km) north of Salisbury, 30 miles (48km) south of Swindon & 2 miles (3.2km) north-east of Stonehenge.  The village lies to the North of Amesbury. The name is derived from the farmstead of the Dyrings. Durrington consisted of two old manors Kingderinton a Crown property and Hinderinton which lay on the bend of the River Avon

Domesday Book Entry Inquisition of Prioress and Nuns of Amesbury 1299 Lewis's Topographical Dictionary of England 1845
Quality Council Status Certificate 2006 Parish Council Meeting 1898  

Civil Registration

July 1837 - April 1936 Amesbury Registration District
April 1936 - Present Salisbury Registration District


Durrington's population was at a low of 318 in 1811. In 1911 the population stood at 897. From 1921 the population jumped to 3,005 and continued to increase with a total of 7,379 in 2011. The increase in population from 1911 was due to the formation of a large military camp in the area and from 1921 onwards due to the presence of a large number  of troops in the military camp at Larkhill.                Population Figures 1801-2011 


Buildings and Land


Archaeology Photo Gallery

Ancient Monuments List               Heritage at Risk Sites

Cuckoo Stone

The Cuckoo Stone lies in a field next to Woodhenge. It is a grey sarsen stone thought to have been abandoned during the building of Stonehenge.  Further information.

Durrington Walls

Durrington Walls is the site of a large Neolithic settlement and later henge enclosure located just 60 metres north of the more well known but smaller Woodhenge and 3km north-east of Stonehenge itself. The bank and ditch are now covered with grass and bushes and form the largest henge monument in Britain. 

Neolithic Finds 1967 Site Feared Damaged by Ploughing 1972 Village Linked to Building of Stonehenge 2007
Stonehenge Houses Recreated Based on Durrington Walls 2014    

Woodhenge is so-called because it was originally a wooden structure of a type similar to Stonehenge. It was probably set up during the Bronze age c. 2,000 BC for ceremonial use. The concrete posts mark the positions of the original timbers, evidence for which was obtained by excavation. The rings are oval with the long axis aligned on the mid-summer sunrise. A bank with a ditch on the inner side surrounded the monument, which was entered by a causeway on the north-east. (Information from "Welcome to Woodhenge" sign).

Woodhenge - More Information                Woodhenge - Aerial Discoveries 1929               Woodhenge - Recent Excavation 1929

Durrington Cemetery

Cemetery Photo Gallery

Durrington Cemetery which is located north-west of the village. Durrington Cemetery contains 252 War Graves (of which 141 are Australian Soldiers) as well as local burials.               Durrington Cemetery Refurbishment 2015   

For details of War Graves of Australian, Canadian & UK Soldiers see under "War, Conflict & Military Matters" below.       


The rectory was destroyed by fire on 19th October 1922

Fires 1800-1899          Wheat Rick Destroyed by Fire 1863           Six Cottages Burned 1922

Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings Gallery

Grade I - Buildings of outstanding architectural or historic interest.

No listings within this category for the parish

Grade II* - Buildings are particularly important and of more than special interest:

Buildings 455 & 456 - Five Aircraft Hangars - Durrington Camp                 Church of All Saints

Grade II - Buildings are nationally important and of special interest:
Avon Cottage Avon Cottages Bethany
Church Cottage Church Farmhouse Churchyard Wall to Church of All Saints
Collins Farmhouse Durrington House Durrington Manor House
East End Manor Garden Ground Hackthorne Cottage
47 High Street Hollyhurst Nine Hayden Monuments in Churchyard
Rowden Monument in Churchyard Village Cross and War Memorial Wall Along Driveway to North of Collins Farmhouse

Land Owners

Owners of Land 1873

Land Taxes

Appointment of Select Commissioners for Land and Assessed Taxes 1842

Miscellaneous Buildings Items

In 1899 where the present cottages are standing in College lane stood several pretty thatched dwellings 

Sale at Compton Farm, Enford 1870

Notable Buildings

Brewery Flats

Properties For Sale or Let

Durrington Mill For Sale 1836 Durrington Estate Sold 1883 Property for Sale or To Let 1900-1949
Durrington House Sold 2013 East End Manor 2014 Garden Ground 2014
Lybus House 2014 West End Manor 2014 196 Bulford Road 2015
Riverside Cottage 2015    
List of Properties for Sale 1921
Lot 1 - Durrington Manor House Lot 2 - Colins Farm House Lot 3 - West End Manor Farm House
Lot 4 - Valuable Block of Property Lot 5 - Cow Street Garden Lot 6 - Ham's Cottage
Lot 7 - Milston Meads Lot 8 - Desirable Block of Land Lot 9 - Valuable Water Meadow & Orams Mill Garden
Lot 10 - Durrington Walls Lot 11 - Arable & Water Meadow Land Lot 12 - Plot of Garden Ground
Lot 13 - Hackthorn Cliff Lot 14 - Block of 4 Brick, Mud & Slated Cottages Lot 15 - Valuable Plot of Garden Ground
Lot 16 - Brick & Flint Built Thatched Cottage Lot 17 - Butler's Cottage Lot 18 - Plot of Allotment Ground
Lot 19 - Block of Eligible Building Land Map of Properties for Sale - Lot 1 to 19 List of Purchasers' Names 1921

Public Houses

Public Houses Photo Gallery

Nag's Head                                       
The Plough

Stonehenge Inn

The Stonehenge Inn c1870 - licensee William Herbert Toomer - an advert of the time listed the building as a Brewery, Posting House, Livery and Bait Stables.  In 1893 Herbert Corp purchased the freehold at an auction held by J. T. Woolley of Salisbury


Proposed Railway Line 1863


UK Land Tax Redemption 1798


Thunder Storm 1855


Crime and Legal Matters

Wilts Quarter Sessions 1606 Committed to Fisherton Gaol 1819-1852 Committed to Devizes House of Corrections 1820-1870
Stolen Horse 1825 Charges for Leaving Service 1826-1861 Wholesale Sheep Stealing 1834
Attack on Mr. C. Berrett 1837 Theft from Carrier 1849 Offenders Committed to Prison 1849-1872
Charge of Stabbing 1850 Assault Case Dismissed 1853 Offenders Find in Lieu of Prison 1853-1872
Musicians Rage 1857 Straw Set on Fire 1859 Theft by a Hawker 1859
Carrier Steals Faggots 1860 Licensing Session 1866 Robbery Charge 1868
Robbing a Fellow Workman 1868 Beer House Keeper Summoned 1868-1872 Drunk & Disorderly Cases 1869-1872
Assaulting a Policeman Charge 1870 Encroaching on a Highway 1870 Cutting of Tails & Manes from Horses 1871
Incorrect Weighing Machine 1872 Stolen Fowl 1874 Poaching Percy Pearce and Edwin Keel 1903

Court Cases

Money Owed to Mr. George Hayden 1857              Moore v. Smith 1861                White v. Rawlings 1872                Powney v Kirby & Others 1901         



Post Office 1849 Post Office 1855 Post Office 1859 Harrods 1865 Kellys 1867
Post Office 1875 Kellys 1880 Kellys 1889 Kellys 1895 Kellys 1898
Kellys 1903 Kellys 1907 Kellys 1911 Kellys 1915 Kellys 1920
Kellys 1927 Kellys 1939 Post Office Telephone 1940     



Queen's Scholarships - R. J. Smith & E. Spreadbury 1853 Board of Education Article 1860 Salisbury Diocesan School Prize Scheme 1860
University of London Examinee - Christopher Charles Miles 1868 Durrington Infant's School Centenary 2011  


Emigration and Migration

Published in tables from the Poor Law Commissioners Annual Reports for 1835, 1836 and 1847-1848 the following may be of use for tracing missing ancestors. 36 paupers emigrated to Canada under an assisted emigration programme between 1835-1836.

Strays Index

Emigration to Canada 1836  Poor Law Commissioners Emigration Report 1836 Emigration to Canada - Arrival & Settlement 1850
Emigration to New Zealand Advertisements 1859 & 1874 Emigration to Canada Advertisements 1861 & 1874 Emigration to Canada
Edward Charles Arthur Butler 1922 Emigration to the U.S.A. - Louis Gardiner 1942 Naturalisation Certificate of Brunon Demski 1956

Employment and Business

Business Gallery

Carriers & Distribution Services

Mark Ranger & Sons were the carriers that served the village in 1921

Chemists & Pharmacies

In 1912 on the corner of Bulford Road and Windsor Road stood The Chemist Shop and Pharmacy owned by James Milne - the business was short lived and appeared in trade directories only from 1911-1914 (perhaps he went off to war and did not return)


Frank Toomer a farmer was the first chairman of Durrington Parish Council.  


In 1924 Tom Chapman was the proprietor of Chapmans Stores on Bulford Road which was divided into two sections , Tom Managing the grocery and Hardware departments and his wife Bessie (nee Maidment) managed the other half of the business.  Later the site became a row of businesses including a fish and chip shop, a hairdressers and a newsagents.

Smiths & Iron Work

Mr. Toomer was the village blacksmith during the mid 1920s and the smithy was situated opposite the old post office on the Bulford Road near Attwater’s Dairy.

UK Register of Duties Paid for Apprentices 1710-1811 British Postal Service Appointments 1737-1969 Gamekeepers & Game Certificates 1819-1859
Partnership Dissolved - William & John Hayden 1832 Ann Cozens - Continuation of Business 1846 Wiltshire Society - Apprenticeship Candidates 1848
James & Crockerell Ltd. 1850-1925 Railway Employee - Henry Head 1860-1922 Ram Sale Purchases 1871
Wiltshire Labourers 1871 Mr. Spreadbury, Thatcher 1944 Mitchenall's Reinforced Plastics Factory 1950s - 1980

Miscellaneous Documents

 Presentation to a Carrier 1898

Non Conformity and Other Places of Worship

Society for Propagation of Gospel in Foreign Parts 1839               

Free Church

Our Lady Queen of Heaven - Catholic Church

Approval for Office Space & Apartment 2006                   Catholic Church for Sale 2010


People and Parish Notables

People of Durrington Photo Gallery


Samuel Baker, Accident 1870
Mr. & Mrs. T. E Fowle, Miraculous Escape 1861 Charles Kellow, Thrown from Carriage 1866 Edward Rose, Accident 1870
Charles Smith, Accident 1869      


Associations, Clubs, Organisations and Societies

Wiltshire Friendly Society Membership 1827-1871           Wiltshire Friendly Society 1846 & 1870


Debtor Discharged - Matthew Rivers 1834

Census Returns Transcripts


Elections and Polls

Poll of Freeholders 1772               Poll Book 1818                Voters List 1832                Poll Book 1865                MP Nominations 2015

Entertainment, Celebrations, Fetes and Shows

The Durrington brass band played at many venues in villages of the Woodford Valley including many flower shows, the odd concert and funerals.


Hunt Ball 1929


G. P. Moore Esq. Celebrations 1829

Exhibitions and Shows

Agricultural/Horticultural Show Achievements 1843-1872           Penny Readings 1869 & 1872

Family Notices

1750-1849          1850-1899          1900 - Present

Inquest Reports

Richard Blake 1917
Henry Carter 1819
William Falkner 1905
Stanley Holding 1918
Infant Hopgood 1902
Freedom Jennings 1915
Frederick McCulloch 1902
Infant Percy/Pearcey 1878
Martha Poole 1847
Georgina Rawlins 1913
Henry Roberts 1883
George Robinson 1919
William Sheppard 1811
William Sheppard 1830
George Smith 1868
Infant Smith 1885 Ann Spredbury 1818 Sidney Spreadling 1854 Thomas Swansborough 1909 William Witchel 1865

Numbers of Inquests Held Over Last 4 years Near Wilton 1840   


Mrs. Webb, Deceased 1872              

Parish Notables

Trevor Bannister - Actor

1934 - 2011 Trevor Bannister - Actor            Newspaper Obituaries for Trevor Bannister

Mary Toomer, daughter of Frank Toomer, farmer, was an astute business women keeping her own accounts and a very independent young woman.  She was an early believer in Womens Lib and amused the congregation at All Saints when she took her pet dog to church with her.  The dog sat with her in the pews and behaved really well during services.


Falstone Day Book  1645-1653          UK Death Duty Registers 1796-1811


Poor Law, Charity and The Workhouse

Durrington came under the jurisdiction of Amesbury Poor Law Union. Its operation was overseen by an elected Board of Guardians, usually one representing a constituent parish. Overseers of the Poor was another term used, their roles were similar in that they administered poor relief such as money, food and clothing as part of the Poor Law system. Usually Church wardens or Landowners were selected for these roles.

Parish Festivities for Poor 1814 Cheaper Coal for Poor 1832 Amesbury Union Guardians Appointed 1835
Guardians Of Amesbury Union 1836-1861   Maton & Baker Refused to Maintain Parents 1861

Appointment of Overseers        

1860          1868          1870          1872         



Probate Index 1548-1881 (WSHC)              Miss Fowle - Legacy to Salisbury Infirmary 1851                  National Probate Index 1858-1966                 


War, Conflict and Military

Military & War Memorials Gallery

Chelsea Pension Register - Nicholas Rose 1775 Armed Forces Records, John Rawlins, Army 1843-1899 Military Manoeuvres - Battle of Amesbury 1872
Military Aviation Camp 1913-1914 Service Pensioner Henry George Weeks 1914 Register of Merchant Seamen - J. Whatley 1933
Register of Merchant Seamen from Larkhill 1936-1945 Meritorious Service - Mr R. J.. Bailey 1951 Role of Durrington Estate Office 1965
Article on Forgotten Local Hero 2006 Durrington Remembers Canadians 2008 Walk to Remember Both World Wars 2015


Why the Poppy Photographs of Temporary Memorials Sent to of Australian Soldiers' Next-of-Kin Territorial Camps 1914
All Saints Church Roll of Honour 1914-1918 Diocese of Salisbury Memorial Book 1914-1918 Soldiers Who Died & Enlisted at Durrington 1914-1918
Robert George Henry Butler - Canadian Soldier 1916-1918 Australian Troop Ship Torpedoed 1917 Royal Navy Registers - Herbert George Staples 1917
Soldiers' Graves 1917 Australian Graves in Britain 1918 Service Pensioner Richard Thomas Long 1918
Australian Troops Going Home 1919 Service Pensioner Frederick George Browning 1919 Australian Graves Abroad 1921
Salisbury Plain Memorial 1925 Salisbury Plain Where Diggers Lived 1927  Influenza Epidemic Article 2015
General Information for Australian Forces
Abbreviations used in Australian Service Records Australian WWI Recruitment Posters Disposal Order of Medals of deceased Australian Soldiers
Imperial War Graves Commission on Cemetery & Memorial Registers Headstone Costs for Australian Forces Medical Classifications for Wounded & Sick Australian Soldiers
No photographs of Permanent A.I.F. Headstones    
Casualty Biographies of WWI of Those Named on the Village War Memorial
Cyril Batchelor Fred Walter Brown Herbert Dymer
Harry Evans Reginald Frank Giles Sydney Thomas Harvey
James Frederick Hoppe Edwin Alfred Keel Edgar Charles Lawes
James Edward Matthews Harry Oliver Cecil Reginald Ranger
Robert Smith William James Stow Cyril Sturgess 1916
James Toomer    
Casualty Biographies of WWI of Those Not Named on the Village War Memorial
Henry Charles Gray 1916 Bertram Edward Hopgood Leonard Charles Hardy
Albert Frank Perrett Edward Nicholas Rose William Sawyer 1919
Claud Humphrey Smith John James Thomas William Weeks


Durrington in Wartime                 All Saints Church Roll of Honour 1939-1945                 Civilian Deaths 1939-1945                Prisoner of War Camps 1939-1945

Casualty Biographies of WWII of Those Named on the Village War Memorial
Pamela Ruth Batchelor Thomas Fitzherbert Butler-Stoney Alfred Charles Channon
Joseph Laidler Conn  R. Cooper  R. Cooper
George Alfred Leonard Egan 1945 Alfred William Eggington Giles  John Green
James Green W. D. Harris Alfred Walter Sydney Miles
Michael John Joseph Reed-Lethbridge  Pearl Rosina Root(e) Cecil John Scott
Harry Spreadbury Herbert Henry Weeks  

Anzac Day Services

Anzac Day is one of Australia’s important national commemorative occasions. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces (ANZAC – Australian & New Zealand Army Corps) during the First World War.

On 25th April, 1915, Australian and New Zealand soldiers – ANZACS, formed part of the allied expedition that set out to capture the Gallipoli peninsula, in order to open the Dardanelles to the allied Navies. At the end of 1915, the allied forces were evacuated. Both sides suffered heavy casualties and endured great hardships. Over 8,000 Australian soldiers were killed. News of the landing on Gallipoli and the events that followed had a profound impact on Australians & New Zealanders at home. The 25th of April soon became the day on which Australians remember the sacrifice of those who had died in the war. 

Anzac Day today is a national day of remembrance which commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders “who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations" and "the contribution and suffering of all those who have served”.      Anzac Day Services Photo Gallery

Anzac Day Remembered 1920 Letter to Families of Deceased Australian Soldiers 1920 Anzac Day 1921
Anzac Day Pilgrimage 1925 Anzac Sunday in Wiltshire 1927 Annual English Pilgrimage 1932
Durrington Gets PM Green Light 2015 Day to Remember 2015  

Durrington Camp

Salisbury Plain in Flood Time 1915

Durrington Cemetery - Military Graves

Durrington Cemetery is located north-west of Durrington. The cemetery contains local graves as well as 227 War Graves, of which 141 are Australian. Other nationalities include British, Canadian & Polish. There are 22 burials from WWII and a number of post-war service graves, mostly from the Royal Air Force. 

1st Training Battalion, Australian Imperial Forces (A.I.F.) Memorial WWI & WWII War Memorial Memorial at Durrington Cemetery 1925
Durrington Cemetery - Nationally Recognized 2013 Durrington Cemetery Refurbishment 2015  


German Military Graves Relocated

Between 1916 & 1919 approximately 47 Germans were buried in Durrington Cemetery. In 1959 an agreement was made between the Governments of the United Kingdom & the Federal Republic of Germany that the graves of German Nationals who lost their lives in the United Kingdom during the two world wars were to be transferred to a new central cemetery in the United Kingdom - Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery, Staffordshire. In 1963, as a result of this agreement, 47 internees were exhumed from Durrington Cemetery & re-interred in the German Military Cemetery at Cannock Chase, Staffordshire.                German Military Grave Relocations to Cannock Chase 1963

Military Grave Summaries & Galleries
Canadian Servicemen of WWI Photo Gallery Memorial Stone Index  
Canadians Serving with R.A.F. or R.F.C. WWI Photo Gallery Memorial Stone Index Summary Table with details of deaths
British Servicemen - WWI & WWII Photo Gallery Memorial Stone Index  
Irish Servicemen - WWI Photo Gallery Memorial Stone Index Summary Table with details of deaths
Australian Servicemen - WWI Photo Gallery Memorial Stone Index Summary Table with details of deaths
Royal Air Force - WWI & WWII Photo Gallery Memorial Stone Index  
Polish Air Force - WWII Photo Gallery Memorial Stone Index Summary Table with details of deaths
Australian Servicemen Casualty Biographies WWI
George Alfred Adams Harold Andreassen Alfred Stanley Atkins Kenneth William Ayliffe
Victor Roy Baker Thomas Henry Baldey Allan Barratt Thomas Tait Blake
Augustus Charles Brander Frederick Bremer Albert Thomas Briggs Thomas Richard Brittain
Arthur John Brown Reginald Burtenshaw Claude Arthur Butler Herbert Chester Canham
Alexander Carmichael Sydney John Carn Ernest Carr Robert Clarey/Carey
Harry Coles Douglas Collins Alfred James Cook John Meyrick Cook
Norman Alan Cook Thomas Henry Cooke George Cowen Richard Daley
Henry Darcey Ormond Gladstone Darling Thomas Joseph Desmond William Thomas Dickenson
Frank Lionel Dixon James Paul Donovan Joseph Duggan Thomas Dunn
Ernest Christian Theodore Eggeling Henry William Elvery James Lascelles Farrant Owen Feeney
Clarence Floyd Fenner William James Fowell Hector Fraser Edward Thomas Gay
Michael Phillip Geary William Carson Gilchrist Oliver Mathew James Goldsmith Sidney Gooday
Ernest Leslie Goodwin Gordon Ivo Greenfield Leslie John Charles Phair Grundy Harold Hainsworth 
Arthur James Halliday James Henry Harper John Edward Hawes William Haythornthwaite
Clifton John Hill Vincent Alexander Hinchcliffe Victor William Hindhaugh George Frederick Holmes
William Humphreys Albert Victor Gordon James Magnus Thomas Jamieson John James Jenkins
Frederick Thomas Johnson George Andrew Johnston Stepney Wilmot Jones Thomas Arthur Jones
Percy Edwin Jorgensen  James Robert Kennedy George Kirkpatrick Solomon James Lane
Walter James Lansdown Arthur Herbert Alfred Lehmann Cyril Edwin Halse Ley William Alexander Lilley
Joseph Patrick Lynch Robert Francis Lyons William Murray Macguire Walter Reginald Martyn 
John William Mathews Horace Greer Maynard John Joseph McCallam Patrick McCreghan
Patrick McElhenney Martin McIntyre Andrew McMurtie John William McPhee
Clarence Rowland Gawn Medhurst Herbert Robert Miller Michael Montgomery Alfred Moore
Patrick McManus Moran John Leonard Mudd (served as Budd) Donald Hector Murray Thomas Francis O'Connell
Robert James O'Hara John Patrick O'Leary Leslie O'Neale Henry Thomas Pantlin
Tasman John Paul Arthur Stuart Pearce Cyril Alfred Phillips Stanley James Pickard
Bertie Frederick Pryme David James Quinlan William Razey Robinson Hector William Rogers
George Bell Rogers William Rice Ross Edward Michael Ryan Aubrey William Saggers
Charles Edward Sargentson  John Francis Vaughan Scheibel Herbert Hector Seefeldt Edney Shadwick
Henry Walter (Walton) Sharp Frank Stanley Shepherdson Donald McMillan Spicer Leslie Thomas Stevens
William James Supple Robert Swan Arthur Symonds Wilfred Waddingham
Albert Ward Bertie Watts Frank Thomas Webster George Wetmore
Albert Victor Wheatley James William Whittaker Percy Francis Williams Samuel Williamson
Charles Alfred Wilson John Thomas Alexander Wise Albert Edwin Wolstenholme James Woolley
Francis Robert Wren Edwin James Wright Reginald Dietrich Yeaman Vivian Youl
Charles Henry Young      
British Servicemen Casualty Biographies WWI
William Henry Collins Alfred Henry Courtenay Evans 1918 Ronald James Finlay
George Charles Flanders Tom Harrington John Valentine Kynaston
Andrew Liddell Maclaren 1918 James Edward Matthews 1919 A. Page
Leslie Vernon Thorowgood Percy James Wright   
British Servicemen Casualty Biographies WWII
Gillian Lorne Campbell Mark Kerr St. John Carpendale Hedley Neville Fowler
Robert Calder Gibson John Francis Xavier McKenna Randolph Brougham Pearson
John Frederic Pettigrew John Leonard Brunner Trotman Peter Fitzgerald Webster
Canadian Servicemen Casualty Biographies WWI
Joseph Claude Barker George Burnett Robert Brinton Hill
Ogilvie James Marchbank Charles Allister McGillivray George Bampfield McSweeney
Philip Stephen Ryan    
Irish Servicemen Casualty Biographies WWI
Thomas Baker David Broderick Thomas Devlin
John Frater Robert Kennedy Edwin Kenny
Robert John McMullan M. Mulvey James Sterling (Stirling)
Polish  Servicemen Casualty Biographies WWII

Antoni Robert Majcherczyk                  Stanislaw Franciszek Riess

Inquest Reports of Australian Servicemen

Pte. Thomas O'Connell 1916 Charles Sargentson 1916 Alfred Atkins 1917
Robert Lyons 1917 William Humphreys 1917  


Army at Larkhill

Larkhill Army Camp Gallery                 Larkhill Royal Artillery Gallery

Songs & Poetry Canadian Transport on Flooded Road at Larkhill 1915 Alleged Salisbury Mutiny 1919
Gunners Hunt at Larkhill 1952 Queen Opens New Royal Artillery Barracks 2008 Soldiers at Larkhill Receive Medals 2011-2012
Olympians in New Year Honours List 2012 Army Bases to Close 2013 200 tonne Railway Howitzer to be displayed in Dutch Museum 2013
Aviation at Larkhill

Larkhill Aviation Gallery

First Flight Around Salisbury Cathedral 1911 Aeroplane Trials 1912  Robert Cooke Fenwick, Fatal Accident in Monoplane 1912
2012 -  Royal Flying Corps Deaths - 100 Years Commemoration 2012 Historic Memorial for Major Alexander Hewetson 2014  
Inquest Reports Involving Aviation at Larkhill
Leonard Williams 1912 Alexander Hewetson 1913 George Lancelot Gipps 1914
Lindsay Morrison 1917 George Chance 1918  

Personal Letters Home

Cpl. Herbert Andrew (Bert) Smythe 1916 & 1917                 Pte. Charles Alfred Wilson 1916 & 1917               Pte. John Robertson Hawke 1919

War Memorial

The Village Cross and War Memorial is located at the junction of High Street, Church Street & Hackthorne Road, to the west of All Saint's Church. It is Grade II listed.

Village Cross & War Memorial Photo Gallery



A Special Thank You to Dave Healing from Durrington for his Knowledge, Assistance & the Submission of Photographs which has helped in the building of such a detailed resource for this parish.  We would also like to thank Durrington Town Council for allowing us to reproduce many of the photographs found in our galleries.


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