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Devizes (Borough) - OPC Vacancy

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Devizes - Devizes Market Place Devizes - Devizes Market Place

Devizes Photo Gallery

Contiguous Parishes (our neighbours)

Bishops Cannings - Rowde - Potterne - Poulshot - Southbroom


Websites of Interest

GenUKI - For information on Devizes.
Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - The Wiltshire County Archives for all historical documents and the place to obtain original copies.
Wiltshire Community History - Historical information for parishes within the Wiltshire County jurisdiction.
Devizes Heritage - A vast amount of local historical information and images.
Devizes Town Website - Dedicated to the history of the town.


Church Matters

Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers Meeting 1915


Parish History

John Aubrey's North Wilts 1659

Civil Registration

1837 - Present Devizes Registration District

Manor History

It has been suggested that the name Devizes is a corruption of the Latin Ad DIVIAS - at the Division, the divisions being those of the three adjoining manors, Rowde, Cannings and Potterne, which met precisely at the point where the Castle was founded.          It is set right in the heart of Prehistoric England and as early as the 14th Century the town had become one of the principle trading centres of the West.          It is one of the oldest Boroughs in the county and, in all probability, owes its origin to the Castle built by Osmund, Bishop of Salisbury , about 1080. This castle, built of wood, was destroyed by fire in 1113 and was rebuilt in 1120 by Roger, Bishop of Salisbury, who was Chancellor and Treasurer to Henry I., and whose other castles were those of Old Sarum, Sherbourn and Malmesbury.          Henry of Huntingdon, writing of it twenty years later, describes it as "a noble castle .. of good strength and beauty .. the most splendid castle in Europe".          St. John's and St, Mary's churches were built by Bishop Roger, the former for the castle and garrison, the latter for the towns-people. Though contemporary, the plan of the two churches is distinct.          While St. Mary's from the beginning was "a ruder and simpler structure, furnished with the side aisles and adapted for a larger congregation, St. John's was evidently the object of more elabrate workmanship and of greater completeness in design". This observation applies to the two buildings only as they were left by the original architects, for both have undergone much transformation, and today the larger population is around St. John's with its new housing areas at Hillworth and Broadleas.      (source: Church booklet by The Revd. W. D. C. Williams, 1960's)

Town History

Includes the tithing of Polsham

Facts and Figures About Wiltshire 1874


Chronicles of The Devizes 1839  This item has been published here with kind permission of Keith Scales


New Theatre, Assembly Rooms 1846

Twin Towns

Devizes Technically has no twin town - it has sextuplets.  As a commercial centre spreading its arms into the countryside around it fulfilled its tag of market town.  It has since then seen many a foreign visitor especially during the two World Wars since it was so near to many training camps and airfields for the allied and commonwealth soldiers and airmen that fought the cause so gallantly.          Therefore it is of no surprise that Devizes now extends its arms further afield to encompass friendship, trade and tourism through its twinning links with six towns throughout Europe and one in New Zealand.  The six are:- Mayenne probably the oldest of the twinned towns since Mayenne Place was built circa late 1950's early 1960's and was named after it.  Waiblingen is in Germany, Jesi is in Italy, Lesko is in Poland, Tornio is in Finland and finally Oamaru is on the North Island of New Zealand.  The latest town to be twinned with Devizes is Baja in Hungary.  To find out more about the twinning of these towns please visit the Devizes District Twinning Association               Twin Town Gallery


Buildings and Land                           


County Agriculture Report 1847          Rare Birds Shot 1855               Cattle Plague Regulations 1867                  Crop Circle Information Centre 2014

Buildings Services

Street Watering Tender 1846


Kennet & Avon Canal Gallery 

General Items

Building & Land News 1800-1849


Indenture for Stonyford Mill, Stanton St. Bernard 1764


Inquisition of Lands Held 1433            Owners of Land 1873

Land Tax

Appointment of Select Commissioners for Land and Assessed Taxes 1842

Listed Buildings


British Listed Buildings in Devizes


Ordnance Surveyor's Drawings 1808-1811

Market Place

Market Place Cross Photo Gallery

Municipal Cemetery

Memorials Gallery               Devizes Cemetery Survey     

Property to be Let   

New Park Street Property to Let 1838          St. John Street Property To Let 1838           Sale of Property in New Park Street 1846          Property to Be Let or Wanted 1850-1899          Castle to Be Sold 1886

Property Sales and Auctions    

Property Sale by Auction 1794           Rowde Estate Sale 1874

Public Houses

Public Houses Gallery

Creditors Notice for Christian Young, Black Horse Inn 1813 Sale of the Antelope PH 1846 Sale of Contents of the Royal Oak Inn 1846
Bear Hotel Company (Limited) 1874    

Quakers Walk

Quakers Walk


Railway Gallery

Wilts., Somerset & Weymouth Railway Shareholders Meeting 1846          Great Western Railway Timetable Changes 1874

Roads and Highways

Sheppards Shord and Sand Lane Turnpike 1789           Paving and Street Lighting 1825


Crime and Legal Matters 


Chandler Brothers Trespass & Game Charges 1846          Dispute as to a Rick of Hay 1890                   Damages Against Farmer's Son 1925

Animal Crime

Torturing A Horse 1874


Captain Crowe Chastises Fellows 1869                   Assaulting A Wife 1874                   


Bastardy Examinations 1845-1879

Business Crime

Horse Dealers Resist Bailiff 1878              Hawking Without A License 1889

Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment in Wilshire 1800-1827


Petty Sessions 10 June 1847 Small Debt Court - Sainsbury & Saunders v Wheeler 1847 Action For Slander 1866
Committed to the County Gaol 26.5.1874  Borough Petty Sessions 8th July 1874   

Drunk and Disorderly

Disorderly & Refusing to Quit a Public House 1874                  Squabble at the Old Crown Inn 1874                   Street Fighting 1890


Fined for Toll Evasion 1846


Charge of Uttering a Forged Cheque 1879          Fake Notes in Circulation 2014


Case Against Devizes Postmaster 1757

General Items

Crime Reports 1700-1799 Crime Reports 1800-1849 Magistrates Define - What is a Trap 1847
Crime Reports 1850-1899 Breach of Promise to Marry 1878 Crime Reports 1900-1949
Crime Reports 1950-1999    

Highway Robbery

Robbed of Watch on Highway 1791  

Motoring Offences

Road Rage 1928                    Motorcar Collided with Lorry 1934  


Tragic Murder Retold 200 

Prisons and Prisoners

Allegations of Ill-Treatment & Response 1757 Inmates of Gloucester Gaol 1815-1879 Convicts sent to Prison Hulks 1823-1842
Committed to the House of Correction 1827 Eli English - A Very Bad Boy 1855-1891 Reports on the County Gaol Michaelmass 1870
Charles Neale Fools the Prison Doctors 1878 Bedford Gaol Prisoner Richard Martin 1883-1884  

Quarter Sessions

Wilts Quarter Sessions Business Meeting 1884

Court Appearances
John Amor 1870 Samuel Andrews 1910-1911 Morris Andrews 1870 Samuel Andrews 1910
George Angell 1871
George Ash 1870
William Ashley 1869 Ernest Aust 1905 John Bailey 1869 John Bailey 1873
Thomas Bailey or Batt 1870 James Ball 1875 Moses Pickwick Bath 1875  Sarah Batt 1870 Jessie Watson 1882
Victims of Crime

Mary Ann Amada 1873          James Fry 1869          John & William Long 1870


Reward for Honesty 1874


Daring Robbery 1821 Extensive Theft of Corn 1827 Greedy Beggars 1838 Daring Pickpocket 1847
Embezzlement Charge 1847 Robbed By Drinking Partners 1851 Accused of Stealing Money 1860 Mystery Of Floating Cap and Trunk 1860
Bank Theft 1922    


Transportation of Prisoners 1827                  Crime & Clemency of James Brodie 1828-1841



Pigots 1822               Post Office 1875           Gilmans 1882



Education Gallery

St. Peter's CofE Primary School, Bath Road - Please see St. Peter's tab below.


Emigration and Migration

Strays Index                Emigration Home Contact Requested 1800 - Present               Assisted Passage to South Australia 1874


Employment and Business

Commercial & Industrial Gallery


Newspaper Advertisements 1850-1899


Aspects of the Life of the Wiltshire Agricultural Labourer c1850


Apprentice records published here may not necessarily mean that the apprentice was from the parish but was apprenticed to a master within the parish.

Masters and Apprentices 1710-1760 Robert Abraham 1758 Nicholas Addee 1716 James Adlam 1712 Mary Alexander 1755
William Allexander 1722 Thomas Andrews 1753 Thomas Archard 1757 Elizabeth Ashton 1722 Amos Avery 1720
Stephen Bacon 1742 Robert Bartlett 1724 William Bartlett 1718 James Batten 1718 John Bayly 1713
Joseph Bayly 1722 Elizabeth Beake 1743 Jeremiah Beaven 1718 William Bell 1721  John Bernard 1722
James Best 1713 John Biffin 1723 Richard Biggs 1719 William Blanchard 1756 Thomas Blandford 1728
William Blessett 1744 Edward Bond 1711    William Bond 1755    
James Burrow 1729  William Cooke 1757
Edward Gough 1714     
Wiltshire Society Apprentices
Thomas Henry Bailey 1882 William B. Bailey 1918 Herbert John Beaven 1903 Charles William Blundy 1858 Frederick John Brewer 1911 
Charles Arthur Cook 1824  George Cook 1831  John Knott Cooper 1869 Daniel George Durnford 1854 Jesse Figgins 1854 
Robert Thomas Ford 1869 Florence Emily Giddings 1909 Herbert Edward Giddings 1910  William Hannam 1879 Henry Hutley 1843 
Robinson Innes 1857 Joseph Knott 1839 Charles Albert Lambourn 1882 William Ewart Laver 1902 William Ewart Laver 1902
Frederick McTier May 1884 Arthur T. Merritt 1920 Jesse Miles 1914 Edith Ethel Mullings 1897  Henry William Newman 1869 
Joseph Albert Newman 1904 Thomas Ovens 1872  Donald Frederick F. Pearce 1917  John Phillips 1850  Laurence S. Plank 1922 
Russell Lawrence Poole 1913 John Pritchard 1839  John Charles Randall 1840  Olive Grace Sawkins 1908 Charles Swithin Shepherd 1877
George Smith 1886-1889 George Staples 1904-1908 Frederick William Tilley 1908 Arthur Whitbread 1910 Thomas Wyatt 1835
Francis S. Young 1849        



Aviation Certificate - William A'Court 1931               Aviation Certificate - John Armour 1935 


Devizes Savings Bank Letter to Editor 1847

Books and Stationers

N. B. Randle Bookseller Sale List 1838                  W. B. Jones - Tarling's Metallic Ink Suppliers 1846


British Postal Service Appointments 1737-1969

Community Services


P.C. Frank Wilmot Gray 1906-1929

Metropolitan Police Pensions Records

William Amber 1867-1892               Joseph Ashley 1852-1869            


County Surveyor Application of Henry Weaver 1858

Fashion and Materials

Cox & North Dissolve Partnership 1812                    Change of Proprietor 1846               Fashion Shop Advertisements 1846                  W & G Smith 1847

Food and Drink        

W & G Smith 1847                   William Read Business Advert 1847                    Price of Meat 1874


Wadworths Gallery          Beerex Festival 1976           Wadworths Cut Horsemen's Jobs 2014

General Items

Business News 1800-1849          Free Trade Debate 1846          Employment News 1850-1899       


Articles of Clerkship Richard Crowch 1734

Markets and Fairs

St. Anne's Hill Fair 1823               Markets 1846                Markets 1847              Livestock Sales at Market 1850-1899               Markets 1850-1899                   Christmas Fare 1870



Dental Services 1846

Doctors, General Practitioners and Surgeons

Medical License - Marmaduke Byrd 1628                  Medical License - Joseph Needham 1701                  General Medical Council Registration 1859-1959                                

Medical Supplies and Services

J. T. Heard, Agent for Salmon, Ody & Co. Trusses 1846                                   Magnetic Electricity Therapy 1890

Trades Unions 

Union Memberships

C. F. Abraham 1914       C. F. Abraham 1921         W. Adams 1914


Miscellaneous Documents

Raffle of 'Brutus' 1838               


Non Conformity and Other Places of Worship

The Act of Toleration 1689 permitted freedom of worship to Dissenters on condition they registered their meeting places.

Meeting House Certificates 1689-1852               Temperance Lecture 1874

St. Mary's Independent Chapel (Northgate Street)

The original iron gates still exist and include the words "St Mary United Reform Church".  The first Pastor was Robert Sloper who was involved in the formation of the Chapel in 1776/77; his life and the history of the Chapel can be found by visiting  Devizes Heritage. The chapel is now  a private dwelling. 

The Independent Chapel, Northgate Street, (sometimes called St. Mary's Chapel) affords accommodation for 750 persons.  Minister Rev. William Kingsland.  Deacons Messrs. T. Baker, H. Cunningham, C. Gillman and Joseph Sloper, Jnr.. The Sunday School contains 250 children, under the instruction of 35 teachers; Superintendent Mr J. Sloper, Jnr.  Services are held on Sunday morning and evening and on Tuesday and Friday evenings.  The Chapel has recently undergone at a considerable cost an extensive series of repairs and improvements with the view of affording additional comfort and accommodation to worshippers.  [Gillman's Devizes Public Register, Business Directory & Almanac 1861.]               

St. Mary's Independent Chapel images

Baptisms 1780-1808                Burials 1780-1814

The Baptist Chapel (Maryport Street)

Baptist Chapel Gallery

History and Founding Members               Family Notices 1800-1899

New Baptist Chapel

James Biggs, a Calvinistic Baptist, who had been a member of the Back Street Baptist Chapel in Trowbridge before studying at Bristol Academy became minister of the Presbyterian chapel in Devizes. Shortly after this, seceders from the Old Baptist chapel joined the Presbyterians for worship in their Sheep Street chapel and the establishment of the New Baptist Church can be dated from the pastorate of Biggs. In 1807 the two groups agreed to take communion together and in 1820 they became the 'United Society' although their home was still called the Presbyterian chapel.          The Baptists were growing in numbers and in 1848 the two groups formally united. In 1851 it was resolved to build a new chapel as a Baptist Church and invite the Presbyterians to occupy it. The chapel was opened in 1852, in Sheep Street next to the Presbyterian chapel, with seating for 700 and a schoolroom. This was during the pastorate of Charles Stanford who drew large congregations, including wealthy townspeople. He evangelized the area, introduced cottage preaching and later became a national Baptist leader. In 1851 the average congregation was 260 but on census Sunday there were 344 in the morning and 404 in the evening. By 1852 the congregation had doubled in size.          The old meeting house was demolished and the site added to the burial ground of the chapel. In 1874 the schoolrooms were enlarged and there were restorations of the chapel in 1901, when gas lighting was introduced, and in1927, when electricity was provided. The roof was re-slated in the 1960s and there were many improvements in the 1970s. In 1978 and 1988 the Baptist Housing Association built the adjacent flats, partly on church land. In 1989 a major improvement scheme was carried out. [Wiltshire Community History website.]

New Baptist Chapel images.  There are no images for this gallery at present - if anyone has a photograph of the chapel as it once was or has a photograph of the building today that they would be willing to share with us please submit this to either the OPC or to the Administrator both may be contacted via the contact us tab at the top of the page.   Thank you.

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception R.C. Church

There were no known Roman Catholics in Devizes before 1767 when there were three.  By 1861 there were about 20 worshipping at Chippenham. The first Mass centre in Devizes was a disused warehouse in Monday Market Street under Father Larive, a Salesian missionary. This was served from Chippenham until 1864 and in 1865 the present church was opened.  At first it was an aisleless rectangular building of five bays which was restored in 1887.  In 1909 a chancel, sacristy and bell cote were added. From 1865 the Sisters of the teaching order of St. Joseph of Annecy had a school in the church and, by 1868, in a separate schoolroom.  Their convent is close to the church.  For further information visit Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Website                Our Lady Gallery

Marriage Report of Alfred Weston & Grace Harris 1924

Salem Baptist Chapel 1838-1895 (New Park Street)

Salem (Baptist) Chapel has sittings for 350 persons. Minister Mr T. Dangerfield. Deacons Messrs. H. Ellen, D. Wiltshire and S. Phipp. The Sunday school contains about 50 scholars with 7 teachers.   Superintendent Mr J. Stevens.  [Gillman's Devizes Public Register, Business Directory & Almanac 1861]        Salem Baptist Chapel Gallery

Sheep Street Baptist Church

Church Web Site              Sheep Street Baptist Church Gallery

Society of Friends/Quakers (Sussex Wharf)

There were Quakers in the Devizes area in the 1650s and in 1658 Samuel Noyes, their leader, was prosecuted for 'brawling in church'. A burial ground was acquired in 1665, probably in Hillworth Park, where one existed in 1759. In 1669 there was a meeting in the house of John May with attendances of 80-100 people. By 1682 John Clark's house was licensed and others followed later. In 1702 a newly erected house at 23 High Street was certified for meetings and this became the sole meeting place. Anglicans and other nonconformist denominations helped in the building of this house. During the 18th century many leading families in the town were Quakers and the meetings were also attended by non Quakers. In the 1790s there were about 30 Friends and the meeting house remained in use until 1826. The meeting then lapsed and the house was sold in 1840. The meeting revived in 1853 and the old meeting house was re-purchased in 1858, remaining in use until the 1870s. The meeting was discontinued in 1879 and the house was again sold in 1884. It was re-occupied between 1903 and 1907 by a small number of Friends.  [Source: Wiltshire Community History website]


St. Andrew's Methodist Church (Long Street)

The evangelistic revival movement within the Anglican Church traces its roots to Reverend John Wesley.  Devizes Heritage - For the history of the Methodist church.    St. Andrew's Gallery


People and Parish Notables

The gallery contains images of people from the Devizes area.  If anyone has images that they would be willing to share or if  anyone can identify the images that have missing information in their tags please get in touch with the Administrator via the contact us tab at the top of the page.          Devizes People Gallery


Coach Accident 1854                    Accidental Shooting 1859

Associations, Clubs, Organisations, and Societies

Wiltshire Friendly Society Membership 1827-1871          Labourer's Friend Society Meeting 1833          Bear Club Meeting 1835               Juvenile Provident Society Meeting 1838               Brownies Celebrate 100 Years 2014    

Ancient Order of Foresters

Ancient Order of Foresters 1800-1899                      Invitation Dinner by the Odd Fellows 1867           Whitsuntide Celebrations 1874


John Varlo Wymer 1866-1867              

Coroners Bills

Coroners Bills 1752-1796                 

Elections, Polls and Voters Lists

Poll of Freeholders 1772           Poll Book 1818              Voters Lists Revisions 1843                 County Council Election Notice 1925                   MP Nominations 2015

Entertainment, Celebrations Fairs and Fetes

Devizes Green Fair 1765                Devizes Celebrates          Hunt Ball 1929           Whitsuntide Celebrations 1874

Family Notices

Undefined Dates          1700-1799           1800-1849           1850-1899           1900-1949           1950-1999 

Funeral Notices and Reports

Funeral Notice of James Bond 1936

Inquest Reports 

Inquest Reports 1800-1849          Man Shot Himself 1904           Labourer Killed by Petrol Tanker 1924          Suicide on Railway Line 1928              

Bamber Infant Twins 1855 William Bower 1846 Infant Gunstone 1853 Robert Nash 1827 James Phillips 1846
Male Child of Ada Wells 1892        

Miscellaneous Items

Knights Compositions 1628          Secrets of Farming Book Subscribers 1863


Alfred Waller 1896

Parish Notables

Sally Clark, Solicitor, Wrongly Convicted of Murdering her two infant sons Anne Dunham, British Para-Olympian Dressage Representative David Inshaw, Artist
Sir Thomas Lawrence, Portrait Painter Sybil Lethbridge, Author Jillie Mack, Actress 
Ernest Shackleton, Explorer    


Benjamin Webb, Miser Mid 1700s                   Strange But True, Ruth Pierce 1753                   William Pitt The Younger - Devizes Visit 1798                    People News Reports 1800-1849

Personal Research Items

Tuck Family Research Burial Extracts - This item was donated by Ken Tuck and contains entries that may or may not relate to the Tuck family however they have been published as such.  Many refer to Quaker burials found across the county

Thomas White Genealogy Research - This item was submitted by John Pope from personal research


Shooting Competition 1902


Tax List 1332            Falstone Day Book 1645-1653

Wedding Reports

Richard Cordell Newbury & Joyce Mabyn Tomkinson 1951


Poor Law, Charity and The Workhouse 

Although the Poor Law Union was named the Devizes Poor Law Union the building was in fact in the parish of Southbroom.  Therefore any documents relating to the Union or the Workhouse will be found on the Southbroom Parish Page.  Documents relating to people from the parishes of Devizes connected to the Poor Law Union will be published here.  Prior to 1834 Inmates may well have been sent to the Workhouses at either Market Lavington or Rowde.

Workhouse Crime 1835-1850 Charity Trustees Meeting 1838 Game keeper to Face Workhouse 1838 Meat Contract for Workhouse 1838
Poor Law Union Bread & Flour Contract 1838 Charity Trustees Meeting 1847     


Tow Path Walk for RUH Bath 2014



National Probate Index 1858-1966          Probate Notice of Thomas Phillips 1766           Admin Bond of John Pope 1815           Estate of Catherine Purrier 1870

Inquisitions Post Mortem of Lands Held

Edward Pleydell 1633           Griffin Nicholas 1635           Michael Drewe 1633

Legacy Notices

Arthur Joseph Schomberg 1924

Parishioners Wills

Elizabeth Dyke Proved 1836
Sarah Figgins Proved 1824
John Kingsman Proved 1656 (Nuncupative)
Ann Mulcock Proved 1848
Elizabeth Neate Proved 1817 William Neate Proved 1769 John Sainstbury, Snr. Proved 1696/97
Richard Watton Proved 1772


War, Conflict and Military Matters

War Memorials and Military Gallery

Why the Poppy                Chelsea Pensioners 1808-1828                 Concert in Aid of the Troops 1863                  Prisoner of War Camps 2010                              

Barracks, Billets and Buildings

Militia Stores, Hospital and a New Commission 1854                   Billeting of Soldiers 1872                  Servicemen & Families with the 1st Wilts. Regt. in South Africa 1911

Boer War

Return of the Wiltshire Regiment 1902                                                   

Medal Recipients

Victoria Cross Recipient William Henry Thomas Sylvester 1855                    Victoria Cross Recipient Maurice Albert Wyndham Rogers 1944

Military News

Military News Reports 1700-1799                 Military News 1850-1899

Napoleonic War Reserve

John Abrams 1803          Thomas Alford 1803

Royal Navy

Deserters in Australian Newspapers 1839          Survivor John Heard, HMS Captain 1870

War Memorials and Plaques

Oddfellows Memorial WWI                 War Memorial is Listed 2013

Wiltshire Regiments and Yeomanry

Drummer Boy Volunteers for Service in Corfu 1855                  Devizes (5th Wilts.) Rifle Volunteers Annual Meeting Report 1874


Horses for the Army 1914-1918                  Saved by a Tobacco Tin 1914-1918                  Service Exemption Tribunals 1914-1918                  War Office Letter to Walter H. Long 1919 

British Red Cross/VAD Service

British Red Cross Museum & Archives Website          V.A.D. & Red Cross Hospitals 1914-1918

Annie Baker 1918 Phyllis M. Bartholomew 1915-1918 Marion Bennett 1917-1918 Mabel Bird 1916-1918
Edith Blake 1918 Kate Bowsher 1916-1918 Maud Bowsher 1916-1918 George Craig Boyce 1914-1917
Ivy Buchanan 1916-1918 Rose Budd 1916-1918 Jane Cave 1917-1918  Wyndom Arthur Channing 1917-1918
Gladys Clack 1916-1918 Phyllis Clack 1918 Ethel Colman 1917-1918 Annie Dally 1916-1918
Emmie Davis 1918 S. Davis 1917-1918 Ruby Edwards 1918 Beatrice Elliott 1916-1918
Henry Fishlock 1916-1918 Margaret Giddings 1918 Robert Gilbert 1915 Bertha Goodman 1918
Bessie Griffin 1916-1918 John Haines 1918 Maude Louise Hand 1915-1918 Sybil Nancy Holmes-A'Court 1916-1918
Ellen Ingram 1916-1918 Honora Jackson 1916-1818 Pamela Jackson 1917-1918 May James 1916-1917       
Sadie G. Johnson 1918  George Hilton Lewis 1916-1918  Elizabeth Lewis 1916-1919  Florence Little 1917-1918
Lydia Laver 1918-1919      

Diocese of Salisbury Memorial Book 1914-1918                 Bell Ringers Memorial Book in St. Paul's Cathedral Library WWI                  Calne & District Casualty Lists WWI 


John Lampard 1919         William A. Wheeler 1917


Appeal from the Trenches 1914-1918                


Casualty Biographies of WWII                  Civilian Casualties 1939-1945     

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