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Stratton St. Margaret (Main Parish Part I) - OPC is Nigel Chalk

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Stratton St. Margaret - St. Margaret Stratton St. Margaret - St. Margaret |

Stratton St. Margaret Photo Gallery         Stratton St. Margaret Aerial Views Gallery

Stratton St. Margaret is a large Parish and some local details have been separated by area please see the following pages - Gorse Hill - Penhill - Nythe - Kingsdown - Upper Stratton - Lower Stratton and the Main Parish has now been split into two sections Part II can be found here


Contiguous Parishes (our neighbours)

Blunsdon St. Andrew - Broad Blunsdon - Chiseldon - Liddington - Rodbourne Cheney - South Marston - Stanton Fitzwarren - Swindon - Wanborough

In 2018 boundary changes created Swindon North - Nythe, Liden & Eldene


Websites of Interest

GenUKI - For information on Wiltshire
Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - The Wiltshire County Archives for all historical documents and the place to obtain original copies
Wiltshire Community History - Historical information for parishes within the Wiltshire County jurisdiction.
Stratton St. Margaret Parish Council - Official Parish Council Website
Wikipedia - Stratton St Margaret - Wikipedia entry for Stratton St Margaret
St. Margarets Church - link to the parish church site.
Swindon Library - Swindon Library's online collection of Stratton St Margaret photographs
Swindon Viewpoint - Local Video News Website includes Archive footage and photographs.
Highworth & Swindon Poor Law Union - Information on the Workhouse for Stratton St. Margaret


The Parish Church of St. Margaret of Antioch

St. Margaret Photo Gallery          St. Margaret Interior Gallery          Stratton St. Margaret Vicarage Gallery          Church People & Ceremonies Gallery

There was originally an Anglo Saxon wattle & thatch church on the site dating back before 1000 AD.  A Norman church was built in its place and the current Church of England parish church of St. Margaret of Antioch dates from the 13th century in the reign of Edward I (Edward Longshanks 1272-1307).          Read more about St. Margaret's Church here.

Incumbents List 1260 - Present          Curates List 1789-2013          Church Matters 1800-1899          Church Valuables Stolen 1990

Parish Register Transcripts

1607-1699 1700-1749 1750-1774 1775-1799 1800-1824 1825-1849 1850-1869

1607-1799         1800-1849         1850-1899         1900-1999 (Odd Entries)


1800-1849         1850-1899

1939 Register

Part 1          Part 2

Cemetery Records

Please note that some of the parish council burial records were burnt and therefore the lists below are not complete

Green Road Cemetery, Upper Stratton 1861-1985  (Please note that anything in italics within the spreadsheet have been added or amended and may not appear in the original registers.) Green road was originally set up by and for Non-Conformist burials. 

Lower Stratton Parish Cemetery 1869-1985 (Please note that anything in italics within the spreadsheet has been added or amended and may not appear in the original registers.

Available Gravestone images and look ups for dates after 1985 for two graveyards can be obtained by contacting the OPC via the Contact Us Tab at the top of this page and selecting OPCs from the drop down menu. It is anticipated that all Headstones will be photographed and made available online until that time please request a copy from the OPC who can be contacted via the Contact us link at the top of the page.

Parish Registers held at WSHC

Baptisms 1608-1923
Marriages 1608-1982
Burials 1608-1978
BTs 1837-1863 are held at Bristol Record Office 

St. Margaret's Centre

History Event 2019


Parish History

Stratton St. Margaret, once a village, has now become the north east part of Swindon and is rapidly becoming suburbanised.    For a full history of the Parish follow link - Parish History by Nigel Chalk

Items Relating to the parish from Highworth DC Meetings Minutes held at WSHC John Aubrey's Collection 1659-1670 Crocodile Legend 1856-1901
Population Figures and Other Information 1801-2013 A Topographical Dictionary of England Extract 1848 National Gazetteer Entry 1868
The Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales, 1894-1895 Dame Durden - A Traditional Folk Song performed in 1915 Highways & Byways Extract 1917
Community Retains its Village Atmosphere 2011 Designation of Neighborhood Area November 2013  

Civil Registration

1837 - 1896 Highworth Registration District
1896 - Present Swindon Registration District

Medieval Stratton

Medieval Gallery

Petition in the case of Kings College v Merton College Oxford 1450 Release to all actions. Granter Merton College, Oxford. Grantee King's College, Cambridge, 16 January 1464
Extract from the Exchequer Rolls concerning the lease of Stratton St. Margaret to Hugh Auseley, 14 July 1491 Document Relating to the Manor of Stratton St. Margaret at Merton College, Oxford 

Parish Boundary and Street changes

Parish Boundary Alteration 1880          House & Street Renumbering

Parish Celebrations and Festivals

Parish Community Festivals Gallery

Coronation Booklet of King George VI 1937 Stratton Mothers Union Golden Jubilee Celebrations 1949 Programme for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, 1953
Golden Jubilee Events Held by Schools 2012 Storm Showers Add to Family Fun 2014 Stratton Festival 2016 Poster

Parish Committees

Local Parochial Sanitary Committee 1878

Parish Council

Parish Council Buildings and Sites Gallery

History of the Parish Council Parish Council Chairs & Clerks Parish Council Sites
Plan for Greenbridge Rec. 1976 Twenty Years Service on Stratton Parish Council 1993 Honda Help Save Floral Displays 2012
Clean Up of Community Park 2013 Council Tax Benefit for Parish Councils 2013 Plea to Care for Local Pond 2013
Vandals Destroy Saplings November 2013 Designation of the Parish Neighbourhood Area 2015 Parish Calendar Advert 2017
Flooding at Merton Fields 2020    
Council Meetings

December 1895          September 1896

Council Properties

Grange Road Leisure Centre Fit For Purpose 2014          Post office to be set up in Grange Leisure Centre 2018          Grange Leisure Centre 2019

Parish Magazines

Issue 1 - Winter 2008 Issue 2 - Spring 2009 Issue 3 - Summer 2009 Issue 4 - Autumn 2009
Issue 5 - Spring 2010 Issue 6 - Summer 2010 Issue 7 - Winter 2010 Issue 8 - Summer 2011
Issue 09 - Winter 2011 Issue 10 - Spring 2012 Issue 11 - Summer 2012 Issue 12 - Winter 2012
Issue 13 - Spring 2013 Issue 14 - Summer 2013 Issue 15 - Winter 2013 Issue 16 - Summer 2014
Issue 17 - Winter 2014 Issue 18 - Spring 2015 Issue 19 - Summer 2015 Issue 20 - Winter 2015
Issue 21 - Spring 2016 Issue 22 - Summer 2016 Issue 23 - Winter 2016 Issue 23 - Spring 2017
Issue 25 - Autumn 2017  June 2018    

Parish Publications

Gallery of Front Covers


Buildings and Land

Builders Plaques Gallery          Queensfield Gallery          Residential Gallery         

For a list of buildings and their details please read our document Buildings and Land of Stratton St. Margaret

Houses & Their Build Dates Streets & Their Names Lords of the Manor 1086-1875
Notice of Intended Construction of Wilts & Berks Canal 1793 Inclosure Award Abstract 1796 Housing Trends 1820-1960
Mortgage Indenture, Pocock to Curtis 1819 Owners of Land 1873 Sale of Property 1900-1949
Proposed Speedway Track 1947 Tenancy Agreement for 77 Green Road 1951 Tenancy Agreement for 77 Green Road 1953
Land & Building News 2000-Present Homes Plan Gets the Go Ahead 2001 Big Tree Plant 2012
Ermin Street Weight Restriction Order Map 2013 Ermin Street Weight Restriction Order 2013 Headlands School to Housing Development 2014


Archaeology Gallery


Designation of Conservation Areas  1992          Conservation 2013


Farms Gallery

Many thanks to Clive Carter for supplying additional information for individual farm histories below

Breach Farm

Breach Farm

Brewery Farm

Brewery Farm

Catsbrain Farm

Catsbrain Farm Gallery

Catsbrain Farm Proposed New Development at Catsbrain Farm 2014 Catsbrain Farm Development Phase 1 Site Map 2014 Catsbrain Farm Development Phase 1 Business Layout 2014
Clays Farm

Clays Farm         Sale of Stock & Machinery of Clay's Farm

Crowdy’s Hill Farm

Crowdy’s Hill Farm

Diamond Farm

Located at Ermin Street - 1948 street directory has L P & P S Hinder in residence and L P & O P Hinder by 1951. (became Hinders Yard)

Dockle Farm

Dockle Farm          Wildern, Pig Carcass Summons 1908

Hyde Farm, Kingsdown

1891 Census shows Henry Hinder as farmer. 1930 Kelly's shows John Harman as farmer. Farm stock sold 27-09-1947 by Mr. T. H. Higgs who was quitting, the farm being sold 22-09-1947 by Mr. C T Hazell.

Kingsdown Manor Farm

(217 acres) (also known as Corn Farm) includes an area called 'Peak's Hay' where Groundwell Estate is today. In 1796 Enclosure awarded to John Phelps & James Crowdy. 1829 Sale shows Richard Biggs as owner and Thomas Harris as tenant farmer. The lot is Farm house, barns, stables etc with 217 acres of Arable & Pasture land with Windmill and Brick & Lime kilns. 1881 Census shows Samuel Coleborne &1911 Kelley’s shows farmer as Joseph Gleave Twiss. 1924 Rate book shows J R Farr. 1948 Street Directory shows T Calvert living here, 1951 T & M G Calvert, and 1951-63 Geoffrey Griffiths. Farm is now converted to business units and several private dwellings.

Marsh Farm (Green Farm)

The farm was at Stratton Green. 1844 Mr Reynolds is given as farmer. Joseph Hayden was farmer here according to the 1881 census. The 1948 Street Directory shows Emily Baker living here, but now called Green farm. By 1951 it had reverted to Marsh farm as listed in the 1951 Street Directory with Holloway family in occupation.

Little Nythe Farm

Stretching between Stratton & Wanborough parishes. 1796 owned by Rev. Wellinger Goodling, 1851 Census shows James Buckland farming 66 acres, 1863 sale of 37 acres William Horton as tenant. 1868-1881 occupied by Richard Kemble increasing from 37 to 104 acres. The Pinnegar family owned the farm from 1886 to 1916. 1928 Swindon Directory has A Hyde resident. 1950s to 1971 residents were Stanley F Bailey and his family until purchased by Bradley's to build estate around Nyland Road.

Parsonage Farm

Parsonage Farm         Auction Sale 1895

Pidgeon House Farm

Pidgeon House Farm          Auction Sale 1829

Pond Farm

1796 John Beckensale, 1841-1861 Tilley family, 1881 William Chapman, 1896 Rev. Scott, 1910 Rev. Burgess, 1911 Joseph Russell, 1928-1970 John Peapell a baker is here. Shown on O.S. Maps c.1900 also  shown on 1922 map as being behind Jacobs Ladder in Ermin Street.

Ryall Farm (Roiall Field, Royal Farm)

Believed to date back to 1602.  1796 Enclosure Award to William Tompkins, now part of Honda Factory site was originally alongside Highworth Road.  1880 David Broughton, 1891 Mr Goddard,1901 James Waldron, Kelly’s 1905 Directory, 1918-1931 Fred Bourton and 1939 Register shows Henry James Bourton in occupation although in 1936 Arthur Greenaway is shown on Electoral Roll.

Ryall Farm

Stratton Farm

Sale of Stratton Farm 1807

Sturrey Brook Farm

The farm was situated on the Highworth Road.

Upper Stratton Farm

Stood opposite school in Green Road where Orchard Grove is now. Henry Norris farmer in 1924 paid rates of £33 13s. 8d.

Wharf Farm

Wharf Farm



Fire at Derelict Care Home 2016


Footpaths Gallery

The parish of Stratton St. Margaret is crisscrossed with many footpaths.  Some of these footpaths follow the ancient walkways that the early Stratton residents would have used. The Boundary Close Footpath is preserved as such. More details about the footpaths

Rights of Way Letter 1986          Rights of Way Schedule 1986

Hospitals and Health & Social Facilities

The Close, Homeless Hostel 1977          Sandalwood Place of Safety Decision Delayed 2017


Map Gallery

Map Showing Parish Shrinkage Map of c1804 Ordnance Survey Map 1811-1812 Ordnance Survey Map 1816
Map of 1841 Map of 1882 Map of 1893 Map of Land for Sale 1906
Parish Map of 2016      

Planning & Development

Planning & Development Gallery

Original Plan for Days Close 1968 Bellway Homes, Ermin Street Site Planning, Original Site Layout 2010 Jephson Housing Association, Highworth Road Site, Planning Layout 2011
Planning Notice, Rear of The Rat Trap, Highworth Road, 2011 14 Marshfield Way Extension Plans 2012 New Showroom Plans 2014
Wildern Square Housing Development Plan 2015 Former Bampton Brothers Site Fails to Sell 2015 Bridge End Road Oil Depot Plan 2016
89 Ermin Street Development Plan 2016 Wheatsheaf Development Plan 2016 Proposed White Hart Roundabout Layout 2016
Site Plan for Bramptons 2017 Sandalwood Place of Safety Decision Delayed 2017 Selina House, 192 Oxford Road Conversion to Flats Plans 2017
1 Oxford Road Revised Bungalow Footprint Plans 2017 Stratton Park 2018  
Industrial Estate Development

Greenbridge Industrial Estate Gallery

New Property Build and Extensions

New Property Build and Extensions Gallery

Property Demolition

Property Demolition Gallery

Property to be Let


Recreation and Playing Fields

Recreation and Playing Fields Gallery

Meadowcroft Recreation Area 2004

Sale of Buildings and Land

Sale by Auction of Buildings & Land 1902

Public Houses

Public Houses Gallery

For list of pubs, their history and landlords go to  Public Houses 1700s-Present

Crown Inn Menu c1970s         Bakers Arms - Battle of the Cooks 2015         Rooftop Works Completed at the White Hart 2015

Railway, Road, Canal & Public Transport

Buses and Bus Routes Gallery         Railway Gallery         Road Building and Alterations Gallery          Greenbridge Road Alterations

Stratton station was on Highworth Light Railway which opened on 9th May 1883, closing to passengers on 28th February 1953 and to all traffic on 3rd August 1962. At one period up to 100 churns of milk were sent to London daily on the railway. Read more about the

History of the railway, canal and public transport

Ermin Street Railway Bridge Drawing         Triple Rail Crash 1958         Network Rail Electrification Notice 2015          Stratton Green Rail Bridge Recontruction 2015

Weather Phenomena

Weather Gallery


Crime and Legal Matters

Adam de Stratton

Animal Related Crime

Ill-Treating a Cat 1860         Greenaway's Stray Horse 1877          Mistreatment of Greyhounds 2019


Assault Charge & Indecent Behaviour 1860          Inskip, Guilty of Assault 2017


Bastardy Examinations 1752-1864


Bigamy and First Wife Knew 1944

Criminal Damage

Violation of Coffin 1867         A Future Together 2000          Smashed New Bus Shelter 2002          Vandals Attack Park 2008

Drunk and Disorderly 

Hughes, Public House Offence 1877         Public House Row - Sellwood and Jones 1877         Drunk in Charge of a Horse and Cart 1911

Miscellaneous Crime Items

Parishioners Eligible to Serve as Jurors 1771          Youth Gang Culture 1976


In early 1891 Katie Speck aged 5 was found murdered in Kingsdown Brook.
In late 1892 Frank Franklin aged 19 committed suicide on the railway line, leaving a letter to his mum admitting to the murder.

Crime Reports

1700-1799         1800-1849          1850-1899         1900-1949         2000-Present


Fleece Theft 1860 Acquitted of Theft of Hops 1870 Grocery Theft by Sewell 1877 Garden Robbery by Townsend 1891
Stealing Bacon by Iles 1902 Theft from Stratton Mills 1907 Dog Collar Saves Vicar 2000 Attempted Car Theft Backfires 2014
Domino's Pizza Chain Raid 2014 Convicted Fraudster 2018 Scaffolding Theft  2019  



Post Office 1855 Post Office 1859 Kellys 1867 Post Office 1875
Kellys 1889 North Wilts 1890 Kellys 1895 Kellys 1898
Kellys 1903 Kellys 1907 Kellys 1911 Kellys 1915
Swindon & District Directory 1928 Swindon & District Year Book 1948 (Description) Swindon & District Year Book 1948 (By Address) Swindon & District Year Book 1948 (By Surname)
Swindon & District Yearbook 1951 (Description) Swindon & District Year Book 1951 (Residents) Directory of Swindon 1970 (by Residence) Directory of Swindon 1970 (by Name)

The Swindon & District Year Book for 1948 is quite an important document for family historians since it lists names and address of residents of the parish. Once the 1921 Census is released for public viewing in 2022 there will be no other available Census for public view scheduled for release until the 1951 Census is released in 2052. The 1931 Census was lost in a fire in its entirety in 1942 and there was no Census taken during 1941 due to WWII action therefore leaving a large gap between 1921 and 1951. The National Identity Card Records of 1939 is the only other source available which could help fill the gap this is controlled by the NHS Archives it is now available to view via Find My Past but charges will apply unless you have a subscription even then strict rules apply for access.



Education Gallery

For information about the  please read this article.

General School Articles and Reports

Private Tuition 1834         Two Schools Told to Improve by Ofsted 2016

Stratton School Board

A few children were educated by means of the rent of lands left in 1720 by John Hurring. The local school board was formed February 12, 1876 and was dissolved by the Education Act of 1902.

Assistant Schoolmistress Vacancy 1878          School Board Finance Statement 1880          School Board Meeting 1895

Stratton Schools

Beechcroft School

Beechcroft School Gallery

Admissions Register 1879-1909

Grange School

Grange School Gallery

School move 1962          Netball Team 1966-7          Class of 1972, Year 1          Class of 1974, Year 3

Headlands Grammar School

Headlands School Gallery          Headlands School Class Photographs 1971-72

Placement Letters 1963 Workbook Cover & Timetable for Susan Lott 1963 Headlandian Magazine 1967 G.C.E. Examination Timetable 1968
Headlandian Magazine 1968 School Sports Day Programme 1968 Headlandian Magazine 1969 Headlandian Magazine 1970
Headlandian Magazine 1971 Headlandian Magazine 1972    
Merton Fields Secondary School

Merton Fields School Gallery

St. Catherine's R.C. Primary

Parking Problem at St. Catherine's R.C. Primary 2013


Emigration and Migration

Strays Index 60 years of the Polish Community Emigration Home Contact Requested 1800 - Present
Emigration & Migration News 1900-1999 Naturalization Certificate from National Archives 1941-1954 Three Emigrant Families
Just Look at Me Now 2000 Stratton to Uganda to Fight Poverty 2014  


Employment and Business

Employment & Business Gallery

Business and Employment

Agriculture and Land

Gamekeepers Certificates 1807         Gamekeepers Certificates 1834         Fire at the Mill 1886 

Animals and Pets

Animals and Pets Gallery

Hinders Pet Shop 1925


Apprenticeships were often advertised in local papers.  Please refer to Employment News 1800-1899 for examples

Apprentices 1711-1907 (Index)           Daniel Bezley 1720


New Jaguar & Land-Rover Car Showroom Gallery

Brown Brothers         Honda UK Manufacturing

Pressed Steel & Rover Group

Pressed Steel & Rover Group Gallery

Pressed Steel Decision To Erect New Factory 1955 Harold Lott - Pension Documents 1959 Strike at Plant 1961
Rover - 40th Anniversary Mayors Speech 1995 Mini Car Plant Investment Boost November 2013 Mini Car Plant Staff Help Gain Award 2014 BMW Pension Changes Strike Ballot 2016
BMW Site Map 2017      


Barclays Bank
Lloyds Bank

Beauty and Hairdressing

Tales to Make Your Hair Curl 2001         Shelf Stacker to Celebrity Hair Stylist 2014


Brewing in Stratton St. Margaret

Arkell Family and Brewery

See also articles under Kingsdown

Arkell Family Photo Gallery          Brewery Gallery

Arkell Family Overwiew Complete History of Arkell's Partnership Dissolved 1846 Probate Notice for John Arkell Deceased 1882
Dinner in a Barrel 1856 Promotional Mileage Chart 1969 Beerex Festival 1976 Obituary and Tributes to Peter Arkell 2010
Star Brewery

Star Brewery Gallery

Star Brewery for Sale 1878

Brickmaking & Building Supplies

Location of Brickmakers          Crosby Doors

Carpentry & Sawyers

Bramhill Sawmill was just up Oxford Road on the site of the old brick works, Burden & Evergreen Closes now cover this area.

Thomas Colborne

Cart and Wagon Builders

Cart and wagon Gallery

W. H. Hill

W. H. Hill         Advert for W. H. Hill 1928

Clothing, Footwear and Textiles

Compton Sons & Webb

Swindon Clothing manufacturers had a factory in Stratton which was used to produce uniforms during the wars. The main site was in Station Road, Swindon.


This was a small boot & shoe repair shop


Post Offices         British Postal Services Appointments 1737-1969

Distribution & Warehousing

B & Q Warehouse         W. H. Smiths         


Linton & Hirst

Nickel Laminations Maker

Vickers Supermarine

Vickers Supermarine          Vickers and Phillips & PWS Salary Related Documents 1941-1945          Harold Lott - ID Card for Vickers-Armstrong 1947          Employment Advertisment 1960

Hovercraft trials at Vickers from British Pathe Newsreel 1961 and 1962

Employment News

Employment News 1800-1899

Entertainment and Hospitality

Employed as a Pirate 1980          Madison Hotel to Close 2014

Food Preparation and Manufacturing


Godwin's - Had a Bakery in Hyde Road.

R & F Wise - Closing Two Factories 2000

Meat Processing

Brown & Knight 1961          St. Margaret's Wiltshire Bacon


Coopers Slaughterhouse

Garages, Cycle Shops, Vehicle Body Shops, Tyre Supplies and Petrol Stations

Bathwick Tyres          Esso Garage          Garages, Cycle Shops &c.

Garden Centres & Nurseries

Blackwells Fuschia Nursery

Local Business Miscellany

Local Businesses from the 1930s Onwards          More Local Businesses          List of Businesses 2014


Les Smith Haulage


North Wilts Sanitary Steam Laundry - Hoddinott & Sons

Traded from 4th May 1891. Several reported accidents and mis-treatment to animals in local press. In 1894 a Miss Holliday brought in from London, was made manager.

Local Advertising

Advertising Gallery

Advertisement for Morse's Herbal Ointment 1854          Advertising 1900-1949          Articles For Sale 1900-1999          Adverts from the Highworth Official Guide 1950s

Medical and Scientific

Chemical Industry

Royal Society of Chemistry Award 2014

Doctors, Midwives and Nurses

Medical License for Henry Kemble (Kembell) 1689          Nurses Registration          Medical Professionals 1910-1960


Steam Flour Mill

Located on the canal at Greenbridge, in 1891 owned by Frogley & Deacon.

Oil Industry

Oil Depot Plan 2016

Powder Works

Built for 1914-1918 war, a lot was demolished and sold off in 1931.  The rest of site was first used by the Pioneer Corps during WWII, then as a pow camp housing first Cypriots then Germans. Taken over by Plessey's after the war some of the buildings still remain, making up Kembry Park Trading Estate. Stratton Powder Works

Retail Shops, Butchers and Food Outlets

Shopkeeper Charlie Reynolds (Aged 96) 2012         Reynolds Newsagents to Close 2012         Richardson & Rabbetts at The Shellfish Giant 2014


Basil Gore was the local butcher in Beechcroft Road 

Fast Food and Takeaways

Beechcroft Road - fish & chip shop next door to Gore's butchers

Newsagents and Tobacconists
Richardson & Rabbetts at Beechcroft

They the well known local Newsagents, and tobacconist’s store, today occupied by a Hardware store

Stores & Supermarkets


Aldi Store

Aldi Gallery

New Aldi Store, Hobley Road 2015

Transport Services

Blue Ivory Coaches          Bus Service Axing 2000          No 7 Bus Timetable 2016          Loco no. 7794 at Stratton Park 2015



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